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In fact, some of us have mutated from cicada to ant drastically and even leaving the charm along the way. Yes, because it is undeniable that the cicada enjoys life more, tastes it and savors it at pleasure, while the ant only takes care of his task without even stopping to contemplate the sunlight of such a hunched up he is urged to seize A small fortune. Again, in the balance is virtue.  

In this sense, there is talk about the existence of certain people who have taken savings to sickly extremes. Thus, they remain attached to their discount coupon and are unable to purchase a product that does not have a discount associated.

To corroborate this trend, we can refer to the study of Good Finance, an annual macro-survey of 8,500 online interviews that exhaustively analyzes lifestyle, consumption and shopping habits.

Director of Good Finance, the company responsible for the study, the crisis has given birth to a new consumer profile, the drowned consumer, for whom saving is a premise of life. Therefore, it is able to supplant the heating by blankets, while to fill your clothing needs go to low-cost stores and even dismiss an appointment with the doctor. It is true that sometimes there is no more escape, but in others it is simply an obsession that begins to take root in our mind.

As good examples of how sickly these practices can become were the programs broadcast on ShopAll.

In them the obsession to stop spending was carried to the absurd. Thus, the development for saving became a philosophy of life, almost a religion, where excess spending, such as the use of a few centimeters more of toilet paper, was branded as waste capable of deriving the domestic economy to the largest of the cataclysms.

Also ‘Not without my discount’ illustrated a practice that although it is true that it can save us some good rooms, it involved a whole workday to locate the websites where these bonds were available, print them and then drive, even hours, to the store in which they could be used.

Do we want to become that? Isn’t there an intermediate species between both insects? Yes, sure, and otherwise we are willing to hybridize these two bugs so that the perfect species to which we would like to belong would come out.

First of all, the diagnosis: are you stingy?


Of course, before starting to apply ointments, taking medication and others, it is necessary to unravel if you really suffer from this evil. Therefore, there goes a simple question on which the rest of the treatment will depend: do you suffer when you buy a product that does not fit among the bargains or among the especially cheap ones, but do you have the economic capacity to do so? If the answer is yes, you need help, our help.

If you still doubt and refuse to declare yourself sick, here are more symptoms:


  • The stingy enjoy every penny saved even if it involves some major sacrifices. So, if you find yourself eating lentils four days a week, despite your immense savings, you are a stingy of tome and loin. There is no doubt that we must return to the Mediterranean diet, but not to the monothematic diet.
  • The one who is stingy does not look for accounts where to invest his money so that he rents it, but flees from such options. In fact, the account ‘under the mattress’ seems the best and most tempting investment.
  • The certification that his evil is galloping is when he refuses to take pleasure trips with the excuse that ‘at home he is doing very well’. On the other hand, the saver does not give up on trips, but he does strive so that he does not lose heart in terms of price. Therefore, weigh the options and study the strategy to follow to get a good trip without mortgaging in the attempt.

If you have recognized yourself in any of these situations, it is urgent to act to stop that stinging fever that runs through you.


  1. If there is something you want or need urgently, go for it and do not let its price discourage you, especially if you have purchasing power for it. The needs must be met and you do not have to learn to overcome situations in which you may need an object. So, would you be able to give up splashing around the pool or the beach just because you don’t have a swimsuit and want to wait until providential discounts?
  2. Set goals for your savings; that is, do you want to save? Good, but for what? Propose cost reductions because it becomes nonsense.
  3. Save on energy expenditure at home. Great if you decide to cut certain facilities such as a 24º heating in the middle of winter, but do you think it is worth walking covered with a blanket just to avoid its use?
  4. Isolate superfluous expenses, those are the only ones you must fight. The others deserve all your consideration and that you include them in your agenda, because if you do not attend to them, your quality of life can be affected. And what sense does such an attitude have?

Encourage you to request a quick loan


And of course, if among these urgent expenses one arises that you cannot face, such as the repair of an appliance, do not flagrate yourself for it and act wisely. Therefore, in this situation we encourage you to request a quick loan with which to pay your payment.

In this sense, in our loan comparator you will find multiple possibilities and you will be able to study its advantages and disadvantages, in addition to deciding which of them best suits your needs.

We certainly hope that after reading this article we have been able to help you, in some way, quarantine that miser who lives in all of us and put him on the run.

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